Prizes and Awards Before 2006

It is almost impossible to present all awards and prices Jiselda Oliveira has received only through the last 5-6 years. A smaller number have found their place on the walls of her large house in Murumbi in Sao Paulo, but
most of it is carefully stored and cataloged in drawers and cabinets.

Some of the awards she cherish most came from the Brazilian royal or imperial family. Brazil was an empire in 200 years after it got its freedom from Portugal. The son of the Portuguese emperor, Don Pedro 2 was the first imperior.

Descendants after Don Pedro 2 still has its place as a kind of nobility, as “A Familia Imperial” in the Brazilian society. After Jiselda painted the portrait series of Don Pedro and his family, she was invited to paint portraits of the living as well. As a thank you, she was appointed “royal painter” and given the title as Baroness

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