Exchange of Artists

Exhibitions of Brazilian art in Europe

With experience from many years of work with planning and organizing art exhibitions in Latin America and elsewhere in the world, and now as ambassador of Brazilian art abroad, Jiselda Salbu now has the capacity to make exchange of artists, and facilitate exhibitions of Brazilian artists in Europe.

This could be done in collaboration with Latin-American institutions such as the ABACH Acadamia Brasileira de Arte Cultura e Historia , ABBA Acadamia Brasil, Brasil-Argentina, and several others.

Brazilian music artists ready for Europe.

Many of Brazil’s greatest artists have participated in events that Jiselda Salbu has organized. Also famous artists outside of Brazil, she has worked with.

Some of the Brazilian artists are considering concerts and performances in Europe. Jiselda Salbu has extensive experience in mediation of artists and have regular contact with many of them. Some of them are presented below. For more information and appointments, send e-mail with a request to ateliegigi@uol.com.br

The Mulet Show.
A famous Brazilian samba dance show with Sandrinha Sagentelli .  The group consists of 8 female and 2 male dancers, 8 piece orchestra / band, singers, musicians, perkussionister, or as an alternative electronic sound and music. Show: 90 minutes, 5 stage shift. Up to 2 performances per. evening

The Avalon Violins.
This group creates a firework of a music show, classical and modern, and has a special appeal. They also participated in a variety show with Sandrinha Sagentelli and Mulet Show. There will be opportunities to combine performances to the extent possible in relation to item. DVD on request.

Robson Miguel,
One of the world’s best classical guitarists. On the Web is a large amount of concert videos. Excl.

We `e` ena Miguel.
Pictorial and interpreters of ancient Indian music from the inner Amazon.
Has also performed with Robson Miguel.

Leonardo E.M.Cioglia.
Brazilian jazz.

Danniliu. Dan Lucca,
Falsetto Songs, Classical:

Mister M.
World famous magician.

Yasmin Amaral
Famous Brazilian singer.

Franklin Dias 

Famous Brazilian singer.