A Painter At Work

Through Art I rediscoverd myself. It was a rebirth for me, as I was told by my great Guru Robério of Ogun that was my advisor in this new phase of my life. Through Art, encouraged by my best friend Monica Veiga who I portrayed.  Enaderges Madalena de Oliveira, Janaina de Oliveira e Christian Lassen. I portrayed, created, painted and rebuilt my life. Through it, the loneliness and emptiness of my life became my artistic world.

Listening to beautiful music inspired me to unwind and somehow to turn my dreams into a colored reality in pictures In painting in oil on canvas, I reconstituted the history of my country
The obstacles that I encountered along my way, strengthened my roots, and gave me strength to go on and on. Great friends as Michel Chellala and others who I portrayed, were my fortress and incentive to continue in my dreams.

Art is the best therapy of all time, … because it feeds our soul and gives our life more incentive. In art I traveled in time an I traveled in the world, acquiring greater knowledge of the culture and costumes of many different countries. I tried to forget that I lived in a harsh world outside, in a society where lies, intimidation and extortion often happened. When I painted I was able to live in my own world and forget all those problems!

During my growth through arts and culture, and I was given opportunities to take major steps into exclusive circles where I got many loyal friends and many experiences.
And thus I was conquering my world, where today I am proud of myself for having had the opportunity through friends, to adorn Institutes and well known museums with works that are a part of the history of my country. So I always say that a union makes strength, and when good friends form a constellation together you can always win.

When a star shines in a constellation everybody will get some glow, so the star does not shine alone. When all shines together everybody can make their dreams into reality. Just like I conquered my space, everyone can win with glow from their friends. Friends united forever will overcome the daily difficulties step by step.

Thanks for everything to you who were my incentives in joy and sadness in the life for art and culture of our country.

Together we shall overcome. Wherever we are, this will always be my motto.

Thank you for existence and for being in my path.